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Demo Slam

The Demo Slam is a high energy, geek out kind of session.  We are going to have about 10 presenters share 3 minutes of their most geeky use or tip and trick of a Google App. At then end of the SLAM you will get to vote for your favorite, most geeky presentation.

Benjamin Friesen - Google My Maps
 Nannette McMurtry  - The Unsung Hero: Google Drawing!
 Nate Ubowski - Hacking Google Slides
 James Sanders - No Ads. No Popping.
 Molly Schroeder - Pack your bags
 Michael Wacker - ?
 Holly Clark - Boomerang
 Chris Bell - Timely Sharing
 Peter Henrie - Timesify

Come for the SLAM and stay for the Google, Vendor, and Chromebook give aways!